Goat [goht]


get one's goat, Informal . to anger, annoy, or frustrate a person: His arrogance gets my goat.



turn over a new leaf, to begin anew; make a fresh start: Every New Year's we make resolutions to turn over a new leaf.

Goat Leaf.  Originally spawned in the fowl year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety six.  A reaction to feelings rather than a band with a plan. Four souls drawn together with no spoken objective other that to play.

The original foundation that was Goat Leaf, as you see here, was in existence just short of 730 days. An intense time of passion and dedication with the soul desire to express our freedoms through the vehicle that is Rock’n’Roll.

We considered ourselves a musical H.G.V. A Heavy Groove Vehicle.  Not to be ‘groovy’ but to be heavy in the groove. Get in a riff and abuse it. Hammer home the punch line. Keep the rhythm tight within a pocket, only to let it loose again. We didn’t just rehearse we lived in a constant rehearsal. Practice, jam, gig, talk about one of the aforementioned and repeat. I guess, in our heads at least, we lived the dream. Goat Leaf was a righteous thing for all involved, kinda like the Manson family but without the dune buggy or the machine guns. A united feeling of doing or saying something right. A short lived but most excellent bonding process. It was like a star born on Saturday morning only to Supernova by Sunday afternoon.

Fast forward 2010. With much strangeness, the Goat walks once again. Planetary alignment? Universal thought? Coincidence?  Who gives a fuck? The event is a good one. If it feels good you do it…and then you do it some more, right?

So, check your pockets, bake a fresh one, put on them shoes. Goat Leaf be back in town mother fuckers…

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