Album Cover
Goat Leaf
Released: Mar 6, 2011
Label: Sea Of Green Music
Track Listing
1 Monkey Chains & Rat Kings
2 Epizoom
3 Eversky
4 Oceana
5 The Judge
6 Colorscene
7 Sour Dust
8 Lead Pig
9 Sweet Sorrow


Stonerandmore Album Review
Effectivement leur Heavy / Stoner Rock , fortement influencé par des groupes comme Led Zep ou Kyuss , est manifestement groovy à souhait tel le très kyussien "Sour Dust " ou "Epizoom " avec son riff qui ne peut que vous faire bouger la tête en cadence . Fortement recommandé ! [Check it out...]
Uber Rock Slugfest 4 Live Review
Uber Rock
Vocalist Jonny Maycock has sex pest facial hair and, well, a sex pest's tracksuit top yet his performance is up their with the lunatic best; a perfect voice for this fine ear candy and a suitably crazed onstage persona. [Check it out...]
Chybucca Sounds Album Review
Chybucca Sounds
From the gorgeous, space-age artwork, to a moniker that could have easily been the result of a bong-smoking brainstorm; Goat Leaf couldn’t play anything other than retro-flavoured rock. [Check it out...]
Nocturnal Hall Album Review
Nocturnal Hall
If you are in for some Rock’n’Roll treatment we are delighted to refresh your blood with a new blend of strongly 70’s influenced psychedelic Stoner Rock, enriched by dashes of Blues, funky rhythms and asskicking Hard Rock. The British way. It’s a new church reaching out for its disciples by the name of GOAT LEAF and their first prayer to obey without fail is Colorscene. [Check it out...]
Uber Rock Album Review
Uber Rock
Huge stoner riffs, glass shattering bottom end and an ability to write catchy tunes, this all sounds too good to be true for our resident desert rock specialist Johnny H to believe, especially when talking about a band coming from the UK. But damn it if Goat Leaf aren't about to deliver all of this and more as the H Bomb discovers their début album 'Colorscene'. [Check it out...]
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