Album Cover
A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales of crashing satellites
Goat Leaf
Released: Jan 28, 2013
Label: Sea Of Green Music
Track Listing
1 A Lack Of Oxygen
2 Moot Point
3 Love Under Will
4 Truth Be Told
5 Wolf Bag
6 Ain't Got Time To Bleed
7 Herr H Atom
8 Bare Witness
9 One Last Line
10 They Fell At Tucumcari


Exclusiva | Entrevista a Goat Leaf antes de su gira española
Genetika Rockradio
Desde tierras británicas vienen para descargar toda su furia rockera en Barcelona, Zaragoza y Madrid. Será esta misma semana en tres conciertos que os recomendamos encarecidamente. Hemos estado con ellos antes de emprender el viaje hacia suelo español. Y están con ganas… Por Sue Gere. [Check it out...]
The Sleeping Shaman Review
The Sleeping Shaman
With such a wealth of classic tones drawing from the whole history of hard rock it’s difficult to see this album not having an appeal to everyone with any regard for the heavier end of rock and roll from the thrashers to the doomsters to the punks and all points in between. There is nothing here not to love…everyone loves a good time and right here is the perfect soundtrack so buy it, invite some mates round, bust open a few brews and lose your shit kids! [Check it out...]
Power Play Magazine Review
Power Play Magazine
Psychedelic space rock permeates " Truth Be Told " , which is one of the standouts with it's Kyuss-like brooding intensity and Pink Floyd solo. [Check it out...]
Classic Rock Magazine Album Review
Classic Rock Magazine, UK
Nocturnal Hall Album Review
Nocturnal Hall
One thing one definitely cannot deny is the dedication, the untamed energy GOAT LEAF breathe and reflect in every note they play. [Check it out...]
Get Your Rock Out! Album Review
Get Your Rock Out!
Goat Leaf’s sophomore album, A Lack of Oxygen-Tales of Crashing Satellites, is one hell of a sleazy album. The sound combines “punk rock attitude with a deep blue psychedelic overtone”, delivering a truly impressive tone. The album, following their 2011 debut Colorscene, is perfectly pitched between passion and precision. [Check it out...]
Uber Rock Album Review
Uber Rock
It’s second album time for the eight legged rock ‘n’ roll groove machine, that is South Yorkshire’s Goat Leaf, and immediately I’m wondering just how exactly do they follow a debut as outstanding as ‘Colourscene’? Do the guys simply do more of the same and see if the rolling stoner ball of fury they unleash gathers more people moss in the process or do they go out on a limb and go do a Diamond Head (a la 'Canterbury') on us all for the sake of mainstream appeal? [Check it out...]
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