This is freak shop UK.

Hail! Freaks, dopers, lovers, fighters and general outta sighters. A lil news from the Goaty multiverse...

White of the Eye is to feature on Cleopatra Records latest and greatest and most aptly named compilation disc 'Stoner Box' We shall be rubbing shoulders with giants the likes of Saint Vitus and Yawning Man. Shit your pants? Yup, we did. 

Huge love and a most mighty bro fist to Tallahassee Studio for the following most radical movie capture of our escapades in Spain.

Here's to the sideways days, amplified nights, endless love and the never ending ride of life.

Like a Big Fuckin' Train.

Hermanos y hermanas veintitrés días para ir! The voyage into the Red Sun begins in Barcelona on the 5th March 2015. We toil on four wheels, magnetic coils and high voltage devices be our harvest. Come, sacrifice oneself to the Unholy Goat, loose control, worship the mistress that is the night. Interested parties can check out the the 'shows' link for the full venue details and directions.

On other news, we are very pleased to announce we will be playing the Red Sun Festival (Cardiff) on Friday 1st May along side some very fine musical entities. Again, the full details of why, what and where can be seen on the shows link.

Keep your head to the sky.

Give me a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it quick, I'm in a god-damn hurry.

Check 'em. 8 days and counting then we be knocking on your back door. The Unholy Goat once again crawls out of its deep dark hole and takes to the highways of this green and pleasant land. To double up on this awesome awesomeness we partner up Sweden's most monstrous, Stonewall Noise Orchestra. S.N.O celebrates their 10th in existence on this tour. Come, help us celebrate with style, give praise to the Unholy Goat, worship the might of the Wall! We finish our little soiree across the country with prime slots at the Winter Rocks Festival. Sheffiled's latest and greatest attraction. A full day of balls-out swinging music from prime cut local and international bands. Get yerselves into the fray. Fuck shit up y'all.

Gone and gone! The Bitch & Moan E.P's are now completely sold out. For those who missed the boat you can check-out our latest cut from this disc on your internets machines with the aid of our music player. Track. 1 - White of the Eye. Crank it like you mean it.

Here be some summertime no class evocations to get you in the mood. Drink deep from the well of yourself.

Bitch & Moan

That's right, Bitch & Moan, mother fuckers. We got a new disc on the roll promoting our latest track "White of the Eye" Recorded at Goat Leaf HQ, The Noise Works, in June 2014. Displaying a tougher, fatter, hairier side to the Unholy Goat, freshly baked tones for 2014. Limited to 100 pieces only. Get some.

Yesterday morning at 10:30am we open the Bloostock Open Air Festival 2014. Shit! We couldn't have asked for more! You people are fucking legends. A super huge massive thank you to all freaks that came out to play. Good times!

Blood sweat and beers

Greetings children of the sun. We are very proud to announce that we shall be laying down our thing at this years Bloodstock Festival.The unholy Goat will perform on the New Blood stage on Friday 8th August 2014. We would be honoured if you could join us in the worship of amplified sounds and all things illicit and intoxicating.

This coming weekend sees Sheffield's mighty Tramlines Festival roll forth once again. The Goat shall be performing three shows over two days. Check out the full details and set times in the 'Upcoming Shows' section. The shows are all free and some truly killer acts are playing. Come outside, join in with the summer time madness.

And last but not least. We have new Goat bling in stock. Variations on a theme. Our classic No Class shirt in some pretty fucking bad ass colour schemes. Be the coolest bitch on your block, put a goat on your chest. Check em.




This is Steel City Sessions...

...and we are Goat Leaf.

Dig it. A little afternoon intoxication for all you beautiful people.

Have we got a video?

Yes, we've got a video! Cast your greasy light starved eyes balls upon this. Ain't Got Time To Bleed. Produced by Stuart Turner. Filmed live at the Coporation in Sheffield November of 2013.

Dig it.

Eviva España

Greetings fighters and freaks. The unholy Goat has now returned back to home-base after our journeys into foreign lands. Amsterdam, Belgium and Spain have been the most wondrous beginnings for us onto European soil. A true roller coaster ride of energy, emotion and exuberance. Spain was especially kind to us. Not only did she deliver the sunshine but also some of the mightiest crowd responses we have yet to know. Huge amounts of thanks and love to our road brothers and sisters, Alex, Gere, Arnau, Mind Dust, Dust Bowl, and the beautiful people at Red Sun and Peyote Productions.

On other news. We now have very limited hard copies of the Colorscene CD back in stock. If you want in, be fast. Once they are gone they are gone. Also dig on the alternative versions of the No Class shirt. Check it.

Hey Pendejos!

Hail! Brothers and Sisters of the sun. Goat Leaf are proud to announce our very first venture onto foreign territory. Check it.

Cut loose, feel the burn mother fucker, break out the hard liquor and smoke em if you got 'em. See you at the show.

The shape of a Zodiac Leaf

Mission success. Miles were travelled, friends were made, beers were drank, boobs were signed and above all else, Rock'n'Roll was played. A big greasy kiss to everyone who came out to see us, to all the freaks who bought our shit and to all the venues who put us up. Good people you is. Huge props, love and respect to our road buddies, Zodiac N Black. You made the good times great and special days beautiful.

Right on to the real, and death to the fakers.

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