Eviva España

Greetings fighters and freaks. The unholy Goat has now returned back to home-base after our journeys into foreign lands. Amsterdam, Belgium and Spain have been the most wondrous beginnings for us onto European soil. A true roller coaster ride of energy, emotion and exuberance. Spain was especially kind to us. Not only did she deliver the sunshine but also some of the mightiest crowd responses we have yet to know. Huge amounts of thanks and love to our road brothers and sisters, Alex, Gere, Arnau, Mind Dust, Dust Bowl, and the beautiful people at Red Sun and Peyote Productions.

On other news. We now have very limited hard copies of the Colorscene CD back in stock. If you want in, be fast. Once they are gone they are gone. Also dig on the alternative versions of the No Class shirt. Check it.

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