Friday 13th, Goat Leaf part II

Ok, here's the plan...On Friday 13th April 2012 we once again enter the sonic church that is Orion Studios to begin the pleasurable toil of constructing our 2nd recording. This album will be set-forth unto the world on September 3rd 2012 through our own record label, Sea Of Green Music, and will be distributed worldwide by Cargo Records, London.

We would like to extend much love and gratitude to all the freaks who have supported the Goat in her journey thus far. As Satan spreads his wings we are carried along in the under tow, our live shows are thrown that little further a field with each flap and the experience of meeting fresh faced no class Rockers is sure to be a time of joyful might.

Buy the ticket, sell your soul. No class Rock'n'Roll, mother fuckers!

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