Give me a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it quick, I'm in a god-damn hurry.

Check 'em. 8 days and counting then we be knocking on your back door. The Unholy Goat once again crawls out of its deep dark hole and takes to the highways of this green and pleasant land. To double up on this awesome awesomeness we partner up Sweden's most monstrous, Stonewall Noise Orchestra. S.N.O celebrates their 10th in existence on this tour. Come, help us celebrate with style, give praise to the Unholy Goat, worship the might of the Wall! We finish our little soiree across the country with prime slots at the Winter Rocks Festival. Sheffiled's latest and greatest attraction. A full day of balls-out swinging music from prime cut local and international bands. Get yerselves into the fray. Fuck shit up y'all.

Gone and gone! The Bitch & Moan E.P's are now completely sold out. For those who missed the boat you can check-out our latest cut from this disc on your internets machines with the aid of our music player. Track. 1 - White of the Eye. Crank it like you mean it.

Here be some summertime no class evocations to get you in the mood. Drink deep from the well of yourself.

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