Pre-orders, mother fuckers

Roll up, roll up. 42 sexy days to go and we are now officially taking pre-orders for Goat Leaf No.2. Bad trip, lonely days, happy accidents, good times. Stepping away from the ego box, we would whole heartedly say this is a seriously fresh sounding record. No scene, no style, no class Rock'n'Roll. True dark blue psychedelia. If your nights are heavy and your days are long, this record is for you. Partake.

On other news. Our home town album release par-tay is at the Trades club In Rotherham town centre February 2013. Sure to be crazy good night. The Trades is a cool shits old school venue and we have some real good company as support. Dig into them pockets, be there, cut loose, Rye up.

Lastly, a huge and mighty big thank you to all the freak friends we have met at shows this year. Brotherly and sisterly love to you all. We wish you all a greasy Jesus time and blessed up New Year. Onwards and sideways.


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