Goatboy is here to please you...

Here's the news. Goat Shirts part II. We might have no class but we got style. Check it. Press fresh are these sexy bitches. The baseball Black Goat. In stock and ready to roll.

Check the store for details...

And for the lady, in red. Dig. Special shits is special.

The Law of Fives

Brothers and Sisters, punks and freaks, gather round ye weary children of the united freakdom. The kick ass Rock ’n’ Roll touting merchants of Uber Rock present for your audio visual pleasure, Goat Leaf & Zodiac N Black. Five evenings of Rock ‘n’ Roll fury delivered to your greasy face as a bite sized chunk of awesome. Two cacophonous quartets tapped into kindred musical territories but radiating two very different aromas. Each night is set to be a monumental explosion of sound waves that will energize all natives in attendance.

Thumb a ride, steal a car, make your dates and we’ll see you fuckers there. Remember, Zodiac like the killer, Goat like horny weed.

These fine upstanding venues shall be playing host to this psychosis fuelled saga...

Touch down!

Dig it. We are pleased to announce the official release of our latest creation. Goat Leaf: Vibrations No.2, A Lack of Oxygen - Tales of Crashing Satellites. Contained within each disc are all the necessary ingredients. Cranked amps, dirty fuzz, blown-out lungs and beaten skin. So much love it'll make you sick, so much rage that you'll bust a tooth.

You can order your copy direct from us, from Cargo Records and from other places on the interwebs. Teeny tastes of each track can be heard here.

Acquire. Sit still. Stop thinking. Shut up. Get out!

We are 168

That's right, 168 hours to go then you can get your greasy little mitts on the audio freak-show that is Goat Leaf part II. Even before the light goes green we have a few rather swell reviews creeping in already. Check em. The mightiness that is Uber Rock and the aptly named Get your Rock Out!

Pre-order your copy now, you might even get your compact disc before the release date, how cool is that? You can feel all special and important about yourself and at no extra cost to boot. Free blood stains while stocks last.

Pre-orders, mother fuckers

Roll up, roll up. 42 sexy days to go and we are now officially taking pre-orders for Goat Leaf No.2. Bad trip, lonely days, happy accidents, good times. Stepping away from the ego box, we would whole heartedly say this is a seriously fresh sounding record. No scene, no style, no class Rock'n'Roll. True dark blue psychedelia. If your nights are heavy and your days are long, this record is for you. Partake.

On other news. Our home town album release par-tay is at the Trades club In Rotherham town centre February 2013. Sure to be crazy good night. The Trades is a cool shits old school venue and we have some real good company as support. Dig into them pockets, be there, cut loose, Rye up.

Lastly, a huge and mighty big thank you to all the freak friends we have met at shows this year. Brotherly and sisterly love to you all. We wish you all a greasy Jesus time and blessed up New Year. Onwards and sideways.


51 Days

Earth orbit re-entry in progress, the knuckles are white, the control panel is red. The satellite begins its fearsome decent...

You're bleeding, man.

Okay, so, here's the plan, take II. The creative juices flowed, the dice have been cast and our auditory manifestation is now realized. Due to the nature & ways of record reproduction and an alternate step taken in final sonic mastery our release date has now been reset at 28/01/2013. Should we all survive the occurrence and forces of Time Wave Zero later this year you'll be able to celebrate your newly raised consciousness and third eye visions at the dawning of 2013 to the soundtrack of the unholiest of Goats.

The raw amplified sound waves, skin beating and vocal exorcism were all captured and edited by Steven Ellis at Orion Studios. Final mix down and mastery were conducted by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios. Goat Leaf part II is very different beast in its sonic form, delivery and general attitude. A bite sized nugget is offered for your listening pleasure. Ain't Got Time To Bleed. Have you? We certainly fucking ain't!

Be seated, squeeze tight, the crash landing is eminent.

Tales from the underground

Dig it. We are honored to inform you sexy people that our tune Sweet Sorrow appears on the radical new record from Stargun Music entitled "Sonic Titans" 12 bad ass tracks from the filthiest greasy smoke ladened musicnauts from the deepest depths of the UK underground.

Digital download and some samples for your ears to be had here

Friday 13th, Goat Leaf part II

Ok, here's the plan...On Friday 13th April 2012 we once again enter the sonic church that is Orion Studios to begin the pleasurable toil of constructing our 2nd recording. This album will be set-forth unto the world on September 3rd 2012 through our own record label, Sea Of Green Music, and will be distributed worldwide by Cargo Records, London.

We would like to extend much love and gratitude to all the freaks who have supported the Goat in her journey thus far. As Satan spreads his wings we are carried along in the under tow, our live shows are thrown that little further a field with each flap and the experience of meeting fresh faced no class Rockers is sure to be a time of joyful might.

Buy the ticket, sell your soul. No class Rock'n'Roll, mother fuckers!

Goats in Space

Hand held teleportation devices at the ready. A space/time readjustment is now confirmed. Behold. All you seekers of the 4th dimension the sound recording that is Colorscene is now available in a four dimensional format. Beam it into your minds here ...also availble for users of iTunes & Spotify.

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