Exclusiva | Entrevista a Goat Leaf antes de su gira española
Desde tierras británicas vienen para descargar toda su furia rockera en Barcelona, Zaragoza y Madrid. Será esta misma semana en tres conciertos que os recomendamos encarecidamente. Hemos estado con ellos antes de emprender el viaje hacia suelo español. Y están con ganas… Por Sue Gere. [Check it out...]
Uber Rock - Midnite Mixtape Massacre
So what better way to celebrate this meeting of the real rock n roll underground than to get the aforementioned Maycock to provide the soundtrack to what will no doubt be one hell of a rock ‘n’ roll ride.

All aboard!!!!!! [Check it out...]
Uber Rock - Goat Leaf & Zodiac N Black Interview
Next month Uber Rock is proud to be associated with two of the finest underground bands the country has to offer in our first nationally endorsed tour. Yes Goat Leaf and Zodiac N Black will be playing five dates countrywide delivering no class rock ‘n’ roll for the minds of the masses. The band’s frontmen recently took some time out from tour rehearsals to chat with your truly, and here’s your chance to find out all about the hottest gig ticket you can buy this April. [Check it out...]
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