Nocturnal Hall Album Review
GOAT LEAF – Colorscene
Label: self-financed
Release: March 6 2011
By: Dajana
Rating: 8/10
Time: 36:23
Style: Psychedelic Rock
URL: Goat Leaf

If you are in for some Rock’n’Roll treatment we are delighted to refresh your blood with a new blend of strongly 70’s influenced psychedelic Stoner Rock, enriched by dashes of Blues, funky rhythms and asskicking Hard Rock. The British way. It’s a new church reaching out for its disciples by the name of GOAT LEAF and their first prayer to obey without fail is Colorscene
The debut gets off the grid with Monkey Chains & Rat Kings, which is likewise the most striking song on this record as well as it reveals the fact that no one less than Warrior Souls own Johnny H is playing the guitars here. There are these unmistakable vibes shining through every now and then, but most recognizable in the opening lead riff. As if there was a We Are The Government echoing from afar. 
Generally I like GOAT LEAF’s style of meandering journey through varied musical fields, picking up the Funk in The Judge, grabbing the Blues in Lead Pig, calming down with Colorscene and Oceana, spiraling up epically with Epizoom, and getting stoned with Sour Dust. As for me I would have liked a bit gruffer and edgier approach, but I’m a natural-born metal head, so it does not mean that much ;) 
GOAT LEAF have already established a very own sound that hardly can be compared with anything else. Rock’n’Roll the Scandinavian way differs; some US bands come in mind and get close. Together with most recently discovered acts such as Godsized and The Virginmarys there is a seeming new wave of British Rock’n’Roll ready to conquer Europe. Yep, much welcome!

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