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Goat Leaf – Colourscene [Sea of Green Music]

July 6, 2011, 4:52 pm
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Release Date: Out now.

Record Label: Sea of Green Music.

By Simon Hadley

From the gorgeous, space-age artwork, to a moniker that could have easily been the result of a bong-smoking brainstorm; Goat Leaf couldn’t play anything other than retro-flavoured rock.

Like their Cross-Atlantic cousins, Goatsnake, the band’s gnarly, riff-heavy sound is built on the foundations of Sabbath; however, unlike their tenuously-linked cousins, this is where the comparisons end. Where fellow stoner’s would quickly move into the ear-shattering grind of doom and sludge; Goat Leaf drifts into the familiar territory of chest-beating, man-sized rock; by way of: Mountain, Zeppelin and occasional smatterings of Fu Manchu.

As their hometown suggests – as well as the ‘Made in England’ stamp on the album’s back cover – Colourscene combines rock’s generational shift, with typical British grit; a combination that works well during the fretboard workout of ‘Monkey Chains & Rat Kings’ as guitarist John Hodgson, demonstrates his ability to write catchy, energising grooves, while Johnny Maycock’s delivery swaggers with sleaze-rock defiance.

Due to its lively and infectious persona, you would be forgiven for thinking that Colourscene is the work of greasy-haired twenty-somethings, who spent their college years smoking pot and rearranging their media libraries; as Masters of Reality and Back In Black seeps through their overly loud headphones.

The reality is, however, that Goat Leaf first formed in 1996, but split after “730 days”. Now in their prime, Colourscene is a hearty interpretation of timeless hard rock; as well as acting as an audio metaphor for ‘last chance saloon’.

Simon Hadley
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