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Written by Jonny Maycock   
Sunday, 14 April 2013 03:00


Later this very week the rumbling rock juggernaut that is Goat Leaf hits the highways and byways of the UK in a series of five Uber Rock endorsed shows showcasing the band’s gargantuan second album ‘A Lack of Oxygen - Tales of Crashing Satellites’.

Also crammed into their tour bus and looking forward to suffering from Goat Leaf frontman Jonny Maycock’s snoring and erratic sleep patterns will be fast rising post generation why rockers Zodiac N Black.

So what better way to celebrate this meeting of the real rock n roll underground than to get the aforementioned Maycock to provide the soundtrack to what will no doubt be one hell of a rock ‘n’ roll ride.

All aboard!!!!!!

1.) ‘Black Woman’ - Unida (from the album ‘Coping With The Urban Coyote)

A raw, high velocity ballsy track with the signature roaring vocals from John Garcia. The energy captured on this record is something Goat Leaf love to hear, and so should you…

2.) ‘Seek & Destroy’ - Metallica (from the album ‘Kill ‘Em All’)

Cliff Burton added that little undefinable something to Metallica’s early releases…. While writing the first tracks for A Lack of Oxygen, we would jam this out for shits and giggles and to get our game faces gurning…

3.) ‘Dogshit’ - GG Allin (from the album ‘Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies’)

To be fair, it could be any of GG’s tunes on this mix, the pure hatred for everything burns through all his music like a faeces coated blowtorch. A favourite for those long journeys on the road.

4.) ‘Dopes To Infinity’ - Monster Magnet (from the album of the same name)

“We are all here my friends, alive in space and oh so beautiful” Nuff said.

5.) ‘Down On The Street’ - The Stooges (from the album ‘Funhouse’)

Sleazy, infectious and riotous. What’s not to like?

Jonny Maycock 2

6.) ‘Good Times’ - The Stone Roses (from the album ‘Second Coming’)

A sprawling slow crescendo of a tune, leading to one of my favourite guitar solos. ‘Second Coming’ is one of the greatest British rock albums of the last 30 years in my opinion.

7.) ‘Hotel California’ - The Gipsy Kings (for the album ‘The Big Lebowski Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’)

Our intro tune. Taken from The Big Lebowski soundtrack…. The Dude abides!

8.) ‘The Future Rock (We Got It)’ - Brant Bjork (from the album ‘Gods and Goddesses’)

All of his incarnations offer groove ridden, smoke smothered audible good times. Another staple diet on the road.

9.) ‘Poison Apple’ - Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (from the album ‘Mind Control’)

One of the best bands doing the round at the moment. The production is stunning on their records.

10.) ‘Tin Soldier’ - Small Faces (from their ‘self titled’ album)

I’ve always been more of The Yardbirds and The Small Faces kinda guy, rather than Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant’s voice makes my toes curl. Hmmm…. Come to think of it, so does Roger Daltrey’s. Anyway, I digress. This song has everything, great vocals, and a groove to die for and hits the spot every time.

11.) ‘Tumuli Shroomaroom’ - Acrimony (from the album ‘Rise 13: Magick Rock Vol 1’)

Good honest Welsh psychedelic rock and roll, from back in the day.

12.) ‘King Of Rock’ - Run DMC (from the album of the same name)

Dave and I owe our musical growth to Run DMC, they opened portals. The first time I looked at music and it stirred a deep curiosity was listening to the Raising Hell album at about 8 years old.

13.) ‘Earth Rocker’ - Clutch (from the album of the same name)

A late addition, but currently on our playlist with Uncle Acid and the new Ghost album as the best releases this year so far.

We’ll see you down the front at one of our following shows with Zodiac N Black, and if you want to know what we both sound like then watch our videos below.



18th Pit & Pendulum - Nottingham - England



19th Bannermans - Edinburgh - Scotland



20th South Sea - Sheffield – England



21st The Dolls House - Abertillery – Wales



22nd The 12Bar Club - London - England 





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