Power Play Magazine Review

This band from South Yorkshire are an interesting bunch , as they mix elements of stoner , psychedelic rock and indie to create a disc that sounds modern despite its retro influences and in so doing create their own niche. The more modern feel is down to vocalist Jonny Maycock who , while having a rock voice , also has a slight Madchester , almost Happy Mondays wooziness to his delivery. It's quite different than the Ozzy clones that stoner bands often use.
Hypnotic riffing and lengthy soloing from JohnHodgson give the music a trippy vibe which is mixed in with Zep inspired retro rockers like " A Lack Of Oxygen " and the catchy " Moot Point " . Psychedelic space rock permeates " Truth Be Told " , which is one of the standouts with it's Kyuss-like brooding intensity and Pink Floyd solo. When they are attempting hypnotic , it can sometimes come out as merely repetitive but the suitably raw production sound and genuine band feel of the record will be enough to convince those who like to listen to their music through a haze of smoke that they're worth investigating. 

Powerpoints 7/10


Duncan Jamieson
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