Mage/Goat Leaf/Beast - Corby, The Zombie Hut - 31st January 2014

Goat Leaf aren’t local, South Yorkshire in fact, but have played here before! Supporting Warrior Soul, I didn’t really pay much attention as I was busy celebrating a friend’s 40th! Tonight I did pay attention and wasn’t disappointed. Although I have to apologize to the band as I’m not 100% as to what songs they played, but I’m fairly certain they included ‘Truth Be Told’, ‘Ain’t Got Time To Bleed’ and ‘One Last Line’. What I do know is they are excellent. They’re heavy but with a real groove, so much of a groove that a girl friend called it ‘shagging music’! Singer Jonny has a cracking soulful voice, guitarist John’s riffs are heavy and fluid, and the rhythm section keep it relatively simple but tight as anything. There is the odd Warrior Soul-like riff (no surprise as John played with them!) and one song that so reminds me of the excellent Mindfunk. Throughout the set, Jonny, who certainly looks the rock’n’roll part (!) cradles a bottle of JD, offering it to the ‘young ’uns’ (who look like they’ve come to the wrong place but enjoy the whole night!) at the front and gets their well deserved appreciation in return. Jonny ends the gig how he started it, on his knees, spent. Goat Leaf came (!) and blew us away.


Nick Russell
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